Nice post by Jason M. Kelly (@jason_m_kelly) about Twitter for our academic community.
He is interested in Digital Public History! Let’s stay tuned with his blog.

Digital Public History

Twitter iconWhen you’re first getting started on Twitter, it can be a bit overwhelming.  There are millions of users, and it seems that among the babble, there is little of use to professional historians.  However, there are hundreds of so-called “Twitterstorians” who have created a robust and active community over the past several years (click here to read about one new user’s experience).  These Twitterstorians include graduate students, university-based historians, public historians, curators, and more.

#Twitterstorians is a hashtag created by Katrina Gulliver (@katrinagulliver)  in 2009.  Since then, it has become the de facto hashtag for general history conversations on Twitter.  It has been joined by others such as #histsci, which focuses on history of science, and #dhist, which focuses on digital history.

While there is no comprehensive list of historians on Twitter, there are a few useful resources online.  Katrina Gulliver keeps a running list of Twitterstorians…

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