Making things public (online Exhibition)

Curadoria de Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel

Exibição online – Making things publicreúne artistas, filósofos, sociólogos e historiadores e trata da crise de representação na política. Através da arte!

Descrição via Bruno Latour:

The exhibition Making Things Public addresses the challenge of renewing politics by applying to it the spirit of art and science. This unusual exhibition builds on the Iconoclash exhibition (ZKM 2002), which dealt with the crisis of representation in art, whereas Making Things Public tackles the problem of representation in politics.

In this pioneering project over one hundred artists, scientists, sociologists, philosophers and historians re-explore the term ‘politics’. At a time in which many people doubt and despair of politics it is crucial that they should not be fobbed off with standard political responses to contemporary problems but that the question of what actually constitutes politics should be raised anew.

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