Rio de Janeiro: S.O.S Educação


Photo by Comitê Popular Rio Copa e Olimpíadas – 01/10/2013

Public historians around the world should take an eye in what is happening in the Center of the city of Rio de Janeiro these last days. Teachers are being massacred by the military police and the town hall, which should be a place of democracy, has just been surrounded by heavy grids and gates by the authorities themselves (01/10/2013). The dictatorship of Sergio Cabral and Eduardo Paes needs to be shown to the world. It’s not a wonderful city as it seems to be in the ads for the World Cup. Our official channels are not showing the reality. Alternative media is trying to record the facts and disseminate them to the fullest. Please watch this. It is unbelievable that we are in 2013. I never felt so weak and indignant before the policy of my country. It is a crime what they are doing with the Brazilian education.


A record of this morning at Cinelândia by Rita Lux in the surroundings of the town hall.


07 cops against a single teacher (29/10/2013)

07 cops against a single teacher (29/10/2013)


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