Radio ARA: my first time on the air

HeaderLuxembourg has an independent radio called Radio ARA, known for its alternative style and for its great multicultural, multilingual program.

Tomorrow – Saturday, 10th February 2018 – is gonna be the very day of my radio debut! I’m gonna be interviewed during the program  Voices by Passaparola, of the magazine in Italian language Passaparola, from 10am to 11:30am.

I’m their guest for this morning program tomorrow as I am half Italian myself, doing research on Italian migration in Luxembourg. I’m very excited for this experience! Never would expect my first time on the radio to be in Italian language. Such an honor!

I will be with Amelia Conte discussing my PhD project, allora be prepared for a little bit of history, digital public history, memory and technology in italiano. 🙂

Grazie mille a Passaparola per questa bellissima opportunità! 

Radio ARA (102.9) , in streaming

– Nonnina, ti saluto!!!