História Pública do Holocausto, um curta

From the filmmakers: In order to discover the true meaning of Public History of the Holocaust we interviewed people at different Holocaust Memorial sites all over Europe. They all have their own relation to this major event in history.

People of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds turn out to be important stakeholders in writing, discovering and perceiving history. This short documentary shows how random people handle the history of the Holocaust. It points out that we have to consider the public dimension of Holocaust research.

History thrives through the Internet but is also shaken by it. As technology improves, more and more people can easily handle and present facts, data and interpretations. Unfortunately this also goes for those who deny that the Holocaust even took place.

This calls for new ways of cooperation between scholars and the general public, by using the Internet. This was discussed during the international conference Public History of the Holocaust on July 9 2013 in Berlin.