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6e Assises de l’historiographie luxembourgeoise

I am happy to share the upcoming event on the Historie du Temps Présent at the University of Luxembourg (UL). The Assises will be opened by a conference of Pieter Lagrou, from the Université Livre de Bruxelles, on November 19, 19:00, and the last session will be on November 21, in the afternoon, with a discussion about Media and Popular History, in which my supervisor, Prof. Andreas Fickers will give a talk together wth his colleague Paul Lesch, also from UL.

I am interested in attending it, not only because of my interest in the migration discussion in Luxembourg – which will be an issue for at least one session – but bescause the theme of the event itself, as it has been something of interest to me since my undergrad in Brazil: o Tempo Presente. I would like my colleagues from the Grupo de Estudos do Tempo Presente to be here, and join us in the discussion, even if the focus is the Luxembourgish Historiography.

You can find the full program below (click to enlarge), or access it here.

Registration by e-mail, contact: Elisabeth Boesen


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